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Ruhbaru (face to face) is a mental health initiative by Charter for Compassion Pakistan that aims at providing high-quality consultancy and therapy to all segments of society. It also aims to create mental health awareness and eradicate the issues faced by the Pakistani society.


To improve the mental wellbeing of the urban and rural population of Pakistan through an online mental health awareness and counseling platform.


At Ruhbaru, we aim to make therapy easily accessible and create an online community for support and increase in awareness and knowledge. Ruhbaru’s mission is to improve the mental well-being of the urban and rural population of Pakistan through an online mental health awareness and counseling platform and break the stigma associated with talking about mental health.



Ruhbaru provides both free online counseling and paid therapy sessions with trained counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists.


In order to create mental health awareness, Ruhbaru conducts online and offline Ruh-Talks on various mental health issues and the 9 compassionate skills.


Ruhbaru provides free self-assessment tools for people looking to learn more about their mental health and wellbeing.


Ruhbaru provides teacher trainings on how to use Play Therapy Techniques to teach children about the 9 Compassionate Skills in the classroom.


Multi-lingual Counselors

Ruhbaru has online counseling sessions available in national and regional languages including Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi, and Pashto.

Free Counseling Sessions

Ruhbaru provides an option of free counseling sessions with highly experienced and qualified counselors in different languages.

Free Self-Assessments

Get to know about your mental health through the online self-assessment available at Ruhbaru. We have a wide range of assessments, easily accessible for all.


Are you being bullied and need a place for support? Ruhbaru provides counseling for anyone being bullied or who shows the sign of bullying behaviors.

All Gender Identities

Ruhbaru is open to all identities i.e. male, females, and transgenders who might need mental health support and counseling sessions

The 9 Compassionate Skills

Ruhbaru provides evidence-based mental health counseling sessions focused on the 9 Compassionate Skills, which are the core of Charter for Compassion

Why Ruhbaru?

Ruhbaru (Face to Face) is a first-of-its-kind online platform that aims to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness by providing online counseling and therapy sessions to the rural, and urban population, including people from marginalized communities, of Pakistan

We have trained counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists, who work with evidence-based practices and are well known in their fields, on our platform. Our therapists are multilingual and can provide counseling services in national and regional languages such as Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi, etc., making Ruhbaru stand out from similar services

Our team ensures that you are connected to a counselor that is the best fit for you. We thrive on delivering effective and efficient mental health services, for we hope to provide an incomparable patient experience. Under the banner of Charter for Compassion Pakistan, Ruhbaru also adheres to the 9 Compassionate skills that are essential for creating a compassionate society which is free of prejudice and stigma

Ruhbaru also offers self-assessment tools for one to evaluate and learn about their mental health. These assessments are helpful for anyone who wants to understand their current emotions, feeling, and mental wellbeing

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Mental Health

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is online therapy really effective?

Absolutely. Studies have shown the effective potential of online therapeutic conversation.

Will I speak to the same Therapist every time?

Yes, you will be connected to the same therapist each time you book an appointment with us.

How long will I have to wait to speak with a counselor?

The waiting time is approx. 2 to 7 hours, depending on the availability of the counselor and the time.

Will I choose my therapist myself?

When you call on the given number, you will be matched to a counselor according to your need, however, you can go through the available list of counselors on the website.

I’m a parent/guardian of a teen using Ruhbaru. Can I talk to my teen’s therapist and access information about their progress?

Yes, you may request the therapist to share the teen’s progress with you after a session.

How can I refer a friend for counseling?

You may make a call on behalf of your friend, our agent will take the relevant details and reach out to our friend or provide you with the appointment details as requested.

How do you protect my privacy

All the therapists available at Ruhbaru are bound by contract to maintain client privacy.

How to contact in order to join Ruhbaru as a counselor/therapist?

Please send your CV or Resume to the with the appropriate subject.

What is the purpose of Self Assessments available on the website and can the Ruhbaru Self-Assessments be used for official purposes?

The purpose of the assessments is purely for mental health awareness. No, these assessments are only there for you to understand our own mental health. You will have to contact a psychologist for official assessments.

How do I schedule a live video session with my therapist? How can I get therapy if I do not have an active internet connection?

Once you select a time for your appointment, you will be emailed a link for your live video session. If you do not have an active internet connection you can contact us through our number and you will be connected to a counselor.

What is the difference between a counselor, a psychologist and a psychiatrist?

A Counselor who has basic training i.e. at least a BS or MS in Psychology, focuses more on the wellbeing of the client and the solution to a problem, whereas, a psychologist is someone who has a MS or Mphil in Clinical Psychology, is trained to diagnose, provide therapies such as CBT, conduct psychological tests, and focuses on the root cause of the problem. A psychiatrist is a MBBS doctor with a specialization in psychiatry, they are trained to give basic therapy and prescribe medication for mental illnesses.

In how many languages are counselling sessions being offered?/ How can I choose my session in my native language?

We offer counseling sessions in English, Urdu, Sindhi and Punjabi. We are working towards adding more multilingual counselors to our list. You may request a counselor who speaks your native language when you contact us through our number.

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