We’re Creating A Compassionate Mental Health Network Where Mental Health Is Accessible for All

Through Ruhbaru, Charter for Compassion hopes to create compassionate community by creating a mental health network that is ethical, easily accessible, professional, and user friendly for those that need help supporting their mental health.

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Ruhbaru provides both free online counseling and paid therapy sessions with trained counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists.



Ruh-Talks are interactive programs that are designed to engage, and motivate the individuals to incorporate wellness into their lives both in and out of the workplace. We not only help individuals in resolving their issues but also provide them tools through which they can manage their own mental health.


Ruhbaru provides free self-assessment tools for people looking to learn more about their mental health and wellbeing.



Ruhbaru provides teacher trainings on how to use Play Therapy Techniques to teach children about the 9 Compassionate Skills in the classroom.


Helping Clients around the Globe

Our team ensures that you are connected to a counselor that is the best fit for you. We thrive on delivering effective and efficient mental health services, for we hope to provide an incomparable patient experience.