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Ruhtalk- A Doorway to Soul Discovery

Mental health is a taboo in Pakistan, and people still find it hard to talk about it because of the stigma attached to it. Therefore, to combat the stigma, Charter for Compassion’s project Ruhbaru conducted its first Ruhtalk on 20th October 2020, at the Nanakwara Center

The session on mental health was conducted by Associate Psychologist, Mahnoor Shah. The Ruhtalk informed the beneficiaries of Mumkin on the common mental health illnesses in Pakistan, their symptoms, how to help someone who is going through those mental issues.

The session was kept interactive and light, the Associate Psychologist kicked off the session with Mental Health Check-ins from the beneficiaries, so they relate to the topic on hand i.e., Mental Health. The beneficiaries were fairly open to talking about mental health issues they face, the ‘Mental Health Check-in’ served as a powerful icebreaker and got the beneficiaries to relate to the topics better when they were discussed during the session. It was observed that the beneficiaries talked more openly when examples were given related to their circumstances and current situation.

The primary language used during the Ruhtalk was Urdu, the beneficiaries were encouraged to seek professional help if they see these symptoms within themselves and their loved ones. Ruhbaru’s social media platforms and number were also shared with the beneficiaries.

After the session, beneficiaries eagerly reached out to the Associate Psychologist and discussed some issues they were currently dealing with. The Associate Psychologist helped them with understanding how to register for sessions on Ruhbaru in order to deal effectively with mental health and well-being